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Re-Entry - Entrar de Nuevo + 8.24.19

I close this sabbatical time with so much gratitude in my heart for this time spent in travel and reflection. This past week I was blessed with a six day retreat at Mount Calvary Monastery in Santa Barbara. It is a bittersweet time there because the Order of the Holy Cross has deemed that they cannot continue ministry in that spot past Mid 2021 (so we still have time to visit). However I took inspiration from the century plant that was blooming outside the dining room. You see, they bloom at the end of their life, and this plant was covered in bees. Bees that were pollinating all around the area, spreading life. In every ending there is a new beginning.
And in this small ending of my sabbatical time, I am seeing so much promise of new life. I spent part of the retreat time planning for the next three months of ministry using Margaret Marcuson's "Breathing Room" program (check her out at and dreaming up new and old ways to do minist…

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